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LynuxWorks has announced the availability of its board support package (BSP) for two additional motherboards from Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC), a global leader in embedded processing solutions. The BSP is a part of LynxOS-178 2.2.2, the latest release of the RTOS (real-time operating system) from LynuxWorks. The new BSP brings this safety-critical, certifiable Level A RTOS to the AppliedMicro 440EP and 460EX boards, increasing the number of AppliedMicro boards supported by LynuxWorks' LynxOS-178. LynxOS-178 is the first and only COTS operating system to receive Reusable Software Component (RSC) acceptance from the FAA for DO-178B certification. RSC certification acknowledges a speedier, smoother, and more reliable development path for system integrators. "With this latest BSP, we're offering customers an OS migration path for users of the 440EP while also giv... (more)

Economy Beginning To Accelerate: Cisco CEO

CEOs in Technology Cisco CEO John Chambers, who has turned into something of an economic oracle probably because he is more in command of his catbird seat than most big-time CEOs, said Wednesday when Cisco reported its quarterly results that the economy hit a “clear tipping point” before mid-summer and is now accelerating worldwide, enough for Cisco itself to start cautiously spending again. He’s planning targeted hiring. For the three months ending October 24, Cisco came in with earnings down 19% year-over-year at $1.79 billion, or 30 cents a share, on revenue from everywhere down 13% to $9 billion. Product sales were off 17% at $7.2 billion. Service revenue was up 7.4% at $1.7 billion. Other companies have exhibited a similar pattern. Wall Street expected 31 cents on $8.75 billion so Cisco did better than even it thought. The company is forecasting revenues this... (more)

Likewise Wants To Move the Moochers

SOA and WOA Magazine Likewise, which authenticates Linux, Unix and Mac users with Microsoft Active Directory, has started offering three starter packs that combine its Enterprise software with support and training services. They are designed to move customers from the company’s open source software to Likewise Enterprise. Likewise Enterprise controls access to applications and data, centrally manages settings with group policies and creates reports for regulatory audits. It’s also the only solution to provide 100% native support for Apple’s Workgroup Manager application. The three packaged solution offerings are: Likewise Enterprise desktop starter pack, 10 desktop licenses, one-year support, half-day of training services for $1,608; Likewise Enterprise server starter pack, 10 server licenses, one-year support, half-day of training services for $4,488; and Likewi... (more)

Browser Underdogs Want Ballot Screen Changes

Microsoft Developer's Journal Microsoft’s browser rivals aren’t satisfied with the tentative “ballot screen” settlement that the company came to with the European Commission, which would offer all its European users a chance to download a rival browser. Google, Mozilla and Opera want changes made. According to the New York Times, Mozilla doesn’t like the idea of the top five browsers by market share in Europe would appear in a row alphabetically from left to right. That would put Apple’s Safari first. Mozilla doesn’t think that’s fair on the theory it would give Safari – not your first thought for an Internet Explorer substitute – an advantage; it wants them to appear randomly.  Then Opera, whose complaints started the EC’s bundling investigation despite the fact that IE has been losing share, doesn’t like the idea that the page bears a Microsoft logo and that its... (more)

Corel To Go Private Again

SOA & WOA Magazine Corel, the Canadian company that acquired the once great WordPerfect and Quattro Pro from Novell intending to take on Microsoft, is going private again. Vector Capital, the private equity house that owns over 68% of the company is offering $4 a share cash, nearly a 28% premium, for the rest of it, having upped the offer from $3.50 to get management's backing. The tender offer expires at midnight November 25. Vector said last month that Corel "faces substantial operational challenges and a near-term imperative to resolve covenant compliance issues under its credit facility." This will be the second time Vector has taken Corel private. It acquired the basis of its position in Corel from Microsoft in 2003 after Microsoft ironically saved Corel from one of its habitually precarious positions. Corel also sells WinZip and CorelDraw. It sold off its desk... (more)

Novell Makes Aboutface in SCO Case

IBM Journal Back when the SCO litigation was under Utah district court judge Dale Kimball, whose decision that Novell owns Unix was overturned by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Novell thought it was simply ducky that SCO's case against Novell should go ahead of SCO's case against IBM, which is how we wound up with the summary judgment that got trashed. If memory serves, it was Novell's idea that it go first and block and tackle for IBM. And when the thought of combining the Novell and IBM cases came up in bankruptcy court, Novell and IBM were utterly appalled at the thought. Now Novell has done a 180 degree turn and is asking the Utah district court to combine the SCO v Novell and SCO v IBM cases and if nothing else put them under the same judge. When the Novell case was sent back to Utah for jury trial, Judge Kimball, as is his wont when overturned - and he ha... (more)

SCO Another Inch Closer to Trial

C++ Developer The Utah district court, Judge Ted Stewart, a new face, presiding, has set November 23 for a status conference in the matter of SCO v Novell, the case over who owns Unix that the appeals court sent back to be heard by a jury. Novell is expected to do what it can to delay the case from getting on the docket. It could ask for a stay because it wants to appeal to the Supreme Court, a motion it made to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver and got turned down so fast heads are still spinning. It could also try for a stay pending arbitration in Switzerland over what, if anything, gave to United Linux, the consortium that briefly tried to create a common Linux code base. Since it’s right before Thanksgiving maybe one or the other will have something to be grateful for. ... (more)

LynuxWorks Announces LynxSecure 2.0

LynuxWorks has announced the immediate availability of LynxSecure 2.0, a next-generation separation kernel and embedded hypervisor for high assurance systems. LynxSecure provides a standards-based, secure, multi-domain computational platform that serves as a trusted foundation for applications with low, medium and high assurance requirements that are all running concurrently on a single system. It allows legacy applications to run unmodified, enabling systems to be modernized with increased information sharing and security. LynxSecure was designed from the ground up to minimize lifecycle costs (initial and tech refresh) of high assurance evaluation, certification and accreditation by using automated tools and the correct-by-construction methodology for formal methods and artifacts. Automation provides schedule, cost and risk advantages over traditional brute force ... (more)

LynxSecure Selected by the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment

LynuxWorks has announced that FFI (the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) has selected LynxSecure in support of a program in the field of classified information handling and information flow between security domains. FFI selected LynxSecure due to its unique ability to run Windows as a fully virtualized guest operating system in a secure partition on an Intel x86 family processor. According to Anders Eggen, Project Manager, FFI, "For some military scenarios high assurance systems are required, and products conforming to the MILS architecture are promising platforms on which to implement critical security functions. FFI will use LynxSecure to explore the MILS based technology and to perform research and prototyping activities to examine its ability to solve some of the security challenges raised in the implementation of a future Network Enabled Capability (NE... (more)

LynuxWorks and Avidyne Take Off

LynuxWorks has announced that Avidyne has selected LynxOS-178 as the embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) for Avidyne's next generation Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck. LynxOS-178 is a commercially available operating system and that enables manufacturers of DO-178B systems to get to market faster and with lower overall costs and risks associated with certifying FAA safety-critical flight systems. LynxOS-178 is a known certifiable RTOS package that allows avionics customers to achieve the highest degree of assurance and DO-178B certification to meet unique FAA requirements. Avidyne's Entegra Release 9 flight deck systems include dual, triple, or quad Integrated Flight Displays (IFD) for general aviation and light business aircraft. The fully integrated design of Entegra Release 9 makes it ideal for high-performance singles, piston twins, turboprops, ... (more)

LynuxWorks Virtualization For Medical Devices

LynuxWorks announced that the company will present an educational workshop on both software and hardware virtualization techniques at the 12th Software Design for Medical Devices conference on April 27 at the Hub Cira Center Diesel room in Philadelphia. At the workshop, LynuxWorks will give attendees an 'under-the-hood' look at their LynxSecure separation kernel and embedded hypervisor, explain how the technology works, and demonstrate how it can help consolidate both hardware and software for multiple modes on a single system. In addition, LynuxWorks will discuss how an embedded hypervisor allows developers to easily migrate software applications to next-generation hardware, at the same time adding security functionality required for connected devices. The workshop will also touch on hardware techniques for efficient software virtualization and how implementing a v... (more)